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Why mdINR for PT/INR Home Testing?

Software and Service Combined

The mdINR PT/INR Home Monitoring Service provides eligible Coumadin patients with convenient monitoring devices, supplies, insurer coordination and personalized training. mdINR manages the entire process.

Working together, mdINR Insite anticoagulation management software and mdINR PT/INR Home Monitoring Service help ensure that no patient, treatment plan or test result is overlooked. Easy-to-use software combined with outstanding services both frees-up precious office staff time and can improve your self-testing patients' quality of life.

Our highly-specialized tracking software, mdINR Insite, integrates seamlessly into your EMR/EHR software or works as a standalone software, designed to carefully and easily monitor your Coumadin patients. mdINR Insite is web-based so you don't need to worry about hardware, installation, or back-ups.
*mdINR Insite is a software available for a fee. Learn more.